About Ginn G

The beautiful rests on the FOUNDATION of the necessary!

So Hi There! I am Virginia and this quote about sums up my passion in having a closet that does the work for you. I can honestly say that LESS IS MORE.....When I look back to when I felt like I was the best dressed, it was probably when I had 15 pieces to my wardrobe. I knew what I was putting on, I knew what new pieces I needed when trend came out, and I had way more fun with accessories because I had a foundation to top off. It is kind of like building a house. You have to have the structure before you can have all the beautiful things that create a style. I have years of experience in fashion as well as education. I am putting those areas together to help others EDIT their wardrobe so that they never can say they have nothing to wear. 

So, more than likely you know what you like and you know great style when you see it. Or, you may not have a clue and you do what you do well, but don't have the time or desire to put it all together. Let me help you whether time is an issue or you just need a different perspective.  

 many may know that my background in fashion has gone back many years.  I worked retail in boutique type stores and developed a clientele that I loved. I absolute love helping people feel great.  My story continues as I began to grow a family and I took a direction that worked better for my children and my family.  I began teaching and educating. Along the way, I have learned how much I love presenting material in a way that all can understand.  I love educating in the classroom and in the closet!

You may also be visiting this site because you have always shopped with my, and that will not change.  I love this Ginn G.   I love the fabrics, colors, and planning a line for spring. I  buy things as if I was planning a wardrobe that would work together.    I live for Junior League markets where I could drape and pull things for people. I will always have an online presence, but my love is not is selling clothes but rather in connecting with the people that buy them. So would I refer you to an item on another site... yes!  Would I tell you that you should shop at a certain boutique because I know it fits you..... yes! 

How did I decide to start building wardrobes on the side and styling? Well, for one, I was already doing it  just not in name.  My son made a comment to me after a shopping trip for him that made me question why I was not calling it what it was. He said, "Mom, I don't think I have ever seen you so alive and happy. This is what you should be doing."  When a 19 year old  boy to notices, you listen!

You know that thing that you are confident in. You know the thing that you know you know! There is not doubt, no wondering, now questioning. This is what wardrobing and styling is for me. I see in color, I dream in fabrics, and I obsess about versatility.  

So,  I am taking my love for education and my love for wardrobing and using it to help people may their closet work for them. Let me help you build the perfect wardrobe with pieces that work together.  Let me teach you how to buy smart and let your TRUE style come through and not just what is trending.  Let me help you with a special event or preparation for a trip or a new job.