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    Sometimes in the winds of change, we find our true direction in life. For me, I found that in the winds of change, we can make our own direction. I found that my true direction in life was helping others to feel good about themselves. 

    I love fabrics & colors and how they mesh together to make us feel good when we're wearing the right dress or the perfect scarf. I have always enjoyed working with clothing but, most importantly, I love working with the people who wear them. 

    One of my favorite books is Love, Loss, and What I Wore. We associate times, places, and feelings with what we wear. I believe that we may not be able to change the winds of life but we can adjust our sails and decide what we want people to see. For me, that's always been through clothing. I want those who know me to know my personality when they see my outfit. I express my happiness through my style. We know that fashion can't change who we truly are but it can help us pull through times that aren't the easiest by making us feel better.

    I am so grateful that you stopped to visit Ginn G Boutique & hope you'll allow me to help you find your true direction and style. I want you to feel as beautiful as we know you are!

    -Virginia Brown, Owner of Ginn G Boutique



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