Clear as Day Closet

"There is beauty in simplicity. “ This is so true, but so many of us do not translate this to our closets.  I am not above this issue.  I have find myself looking around in my closet and I still can’t find anything.  When I was in college and working  at Georgio, we could only wear items that we had bought there.  Well, you can imagine that on a student’s budget, I could not afford very much.  I probably had 10-12 pieces, and although it was not much, I was dressed better at that time than any other time in my life.   I always knew what I was going to wear, and when I bought something, it was intentional. With that said, this is the problem with most of our closets.  We have too much! Below you will find a pdf with suggestions and steps to start closet clarity in the new year. Keep up with this blog for more solutions and ideas.